Web development team for a Dutch community SaaS provider

We’ve provided Open Social with a dedicated full-time web development team. Together, we develop and maintain the Open Social platform itself along with a variety of enterprise projects based on it.

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About the client

Open Social is a team of experts who build bespoke online community platforms. By providing an open-source platform, they help innovative companies and nonprofits connect with their members, customers, and employees and other (external) stakeholders. 

That makes it possible for organizations to share knowledge, improve internal communication, drive new innovations, and organize online and offline events.


Project duration


Team size


Team structure

Back-end developers, Front-end developers, Quality assurance specialists

Client location

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Delivered value

Our dedicated web developers help Open Social build and maintain multiple web products, including their online community platform.


The process

Lemberg and Open Social have a long-standing partnership. We’ve been working together ever since they were a digital agency GoalGorilla. 

At present, our dedicated team helps Open Social build and maintain their platform, as well as various projects based on it. 

The current dedicated team has grown and evolved together with the client’s needs. While we started by providing the client with back-end developers only, our dedicated team now also includes a front-end developer and a quality assurance specialist. 

Together with Open Social, we have developed many bespoke community platforms. Some examples are GlobalDevHub, an online platform for the UN Development Programme, and Policy Kitchen, an ideation platform for foreign policy discussions in Switzerland. 

Back-end development
Front-end development
Quality assurance
Drupal 8
Open Social
Shippable/Travis CI
Digital media
 Web development team for a Dutch community SaaS provider
 Web development team for a Dutch community SaaS provider
 Web development team for a Dutch community SaaS provider
 Web development team for a Dutch community SaaS provider

How we work

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In the years of collaboration with Lemberg on Open Social, they internalized the product focus approach. For us — not working on one-off projects — that's extremely valuable. They are a great partner, not only guaranteeing flexibility and scalability but also delivering quality features for our product that fit in our overall concept and product strategy.

Moritz Arendt
Product Owner at Open Social