Dedicated web development team for a FinTech company

We provided the client with dedicated engineers to support and build new features for their multi-site platform. 

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About the client

Ferratum Group is an international provider of mobile banking and digital consumer and small business loans.  With a headquarter in Helsinki, Finland, Ferratum operates across Europe, Africa, South and North America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Project duration

1.5 years

Team size


Team structure

Drupal developers, JavaScript developers

Client HQ location

Helsinki, Finland

Delivered value

Our engineers supported Ferratum’s internal marketing and development teams in implementing new features, adding integrations, and bug fixing for their multi-site Drupal 7 platform.

The process

We met Ferratum in 2018 when they were looking for a new tech vendor to help support their Drupal websites. Ferratum is a financial institution, so the security requirements for any provider are very strict. After confirming we could meet those standards and conducting a series of interviews, we set up three Drupal developers to work with their core team on a full-time basis. Later on, two Angular developers joined the team as well.

Lemberg engineers collaborated directly with Ferratum product owners (usually marketing), developers, and QA specialists from various European countries. 

While working on the project, we implemented numerous tasks. They included developing complex web forms that had to communicate with multiple third-party services; integrations with a set of external client applications (like Salesforce); improvements in project local setup and deployment process; miscellaneous enhancements to the existing websites.

Front-end development
Back-end development
Maintenance and support
Drupal 7
Custom API

How we worked

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What I appreciate about Lemberg developers is the level of communication. The technical clarification with non-IT business people, progress sharing, or defects explanation was on point. Even with some ups and downs those guys were missed when we ended cooperation.

Kamil Štaffa
Team lead at Ferratum Group