Get your software solutions designed, developed, tested, and released in line with your business requirements and market demand

You`ll be guided through all the development stages, discovering your business goals and software requirements to outline the project scope, estimate, cooperation model, and development plan tailored to your specific needs. 

Digital Experiences

Enhance customer engagement and drive leads with a custom website, mobile app, or platform. You`ll receive software tailored to deliver the digital experience your customers deserve.

Cloud & DevOps

Develop a cloud-based app or upgrade existing software to respond to new business challenges. You`ll get cloud software architecture design, app development, or migration strategy.

Embedded Engineering

Access a full-cycle embedded development to get your solution designed, developed, and launched. Let us navigate you through all the development stages of firmware, embedded Linux, and AI-based systems.

Data Science & AI

Make your software products smarter and more efficient with data science and AI capabilities. Computer vision, generative AI, predictive analytics, and ML model development can turn your data into a business asset.


Follow a clear path for your software development to achieve business goals efficiently

Initial estimate

Get a ROM estimate for a brief software product overview or a more detailed proposal if you have detailed specifications.


Discovery is an option for projects with only a high-level software features overview. 

You`ll go through the software requirements collection to let us draft the solution architecture design, refine the initial estimate, and plan the project.

Design & development

SDLC process includes the final architecture design, DevOps, quality assurance, and structured software product documentation. You will get interim deliverables to provide your feedback and the completed solution.

Support & maintenance

Ensure the software's highest uptime and security updates with a post-delivery warranty and an SLA. You can also request on-demand support for minor software changes and improvements. 


Depending on the fidelity of project requirements, you can choose two primary options

You can start from the discovery if you prefer a fixed-price model yet have high-level software requirements. 

 Fixed priceTime & materials
Project typeDefined software requirements No software requirements are specified
Project sizeSmall & mediumMedium & large
Project scopeDefinedFlexible
EstimateFixed On track


Fulfill your software development needs with us


Delivering software that aligns with your business goals is our priority




Taco Potze
CEO & Founder at Open Social


Over 15 years of experience

Lemberg Solutions has supported companies' software product development journeys since 2007, offering cloud, embedded, digital, data science & AI solutions services. We guide our clients through the end-to-end software development lifecycle, from requirements elicitation to engineering, launch, and post-delivery support. 

Regulatory compliance

You get secure software with protected IP and considered industry requirements. As an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company, we follow the best SDLC practices and provide established quality and security management in our end-to-end software product development process. 

End-to-end engineering services

Receive the entire spectrum of software engineering services tailored to your unique business needs. Our services cover software product design, development, testing, release, and post-launch maintenance.

Cross-functional experts

Our experts have mastered digital, cloud, embedded, and data science expertise, which allows us to take on full-cycle software development and deliver a solution that matches your expectations and business goals.


Share your software project idea with our experts

Reach out to Slavic to talk about your business needs and learn more about software development at Lemberg Solutions.


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