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Women on Wings

A community platform to create a million jobs for women in rural India

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About the client

Women on Wings is a social enterprise from the Netherlands that aims to increase female employment in rural India. They provide training and consultations to help Indian businesses create more female-oriented jobs in food production, agriculture, textile, and forestry.

The challenge

Our client’s cause involves working with multiple people and organizations from all over the world. Their biggest challenge was in facilitating communication and collaboration between the cause participants. 

Delivered value

We designed and developed the Women on Wings community platform with Drupal 8 based on community software Open Social. Once the platform was up and running, one of our developers flew out to India for an on-site training session with the client’s team.

The process

Women on Wings came to Lemberg with a clear objective: create one million jobs for women in India. To achieve it, they needed an online communication platform. 

The first thing we did was to hold a discovery workshop to agree on the project feature scope and tech stack. Since our client needed a community platform, we recommended using CMF Drupal 8 and community software Open Social. 

As Open Social comes with many out-of-the-box features for communication and collaboration, our primary job was to adapt them to the client’s needs. This included extending the number and functionality of user roles and developing custom registration forms. 

We have also created a bespoke notification system that combines email notifications and a platform notification center. These features help the Women on Wings managers always be aware of any changes that the platform users make to their profiles. This way, our client can ensure productive collaboration between the people and organizations they work with. 

After the client has tested and approved our work, one of the key platform developers flew out to India to run a training session on using the Women on Wings community platform. 

At this time, we are providing the platform with continuous maintenance and support, both on-demand and under an SLA. 

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A community platform to create a million jobs for women in rural India.
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How it works

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