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Website development for Carbonstack GmbH

Business website development for a German-based sustainable start-up that develops afforestation projects

About the client

CarbonStack GmbH is a sustainability start-up dedicated to accelerating the transformation of companies towards a net-positive state by developing local afforestation projects.

The challenge 

CarbonStack engages with a varied set of customers throughout the value chain of carbon credits ranging from greenhouse gas emitters to forest owners. Combined with a set of deep-tech solutions for offering transparent carbon offsets, this results in a complex topic for new companies to understand quickly. As such, CarbonStack aimed to create a hub for new and experienced companies to fully understand the technologies and solutions involved and a collective info hub for carbon compensation. This hub took the form of a new website for the company displaying fundamental technological information and highlighting previous case studies.

Delivered value 

The LS team headed the creation of a React-based landing page with the requested features including both animations and linkages between the pages. Furthermore, asset management was taken care of. Our developers also created a modular setup for easy updates of the website in the future.

The process

Carbonstack is an informational type of website that was built by our team from scratch based on the client's requirements. The client came to us with a clear understanding of how the final product should look like, and what design elements it has to contain. Our primary tasks were the following:

  • Build three website pages with linkages
  • Create the dark mode of the website 
  • Provide a multi-language option ( English/ German) where the language library was created by our engineer from scratch
  • Adapt the website menu for the mobile version

After we discussed the core tasks and estimated the scope of work, our team divided the project into features that consisted of parts of three website pages, and animations, including the timeline when each feature needs to be implemented. The development flow looked as follows: the developer built the feature, then sent it to the team lead for review and editing, deployed the feature and the last step was to get client feedback and approval.

The scope of work wasn't variable, so the development process didn't take much time for our team which consisted of a team lead, project manager, front-end development, and QA specialist. It took approximately 120 hours of development. All updates project manager communicated internally with the team on a daily basis and once a week with a client.

As a result, we deployed the React-based landing page that fully met the demands of the client.

We are glad to be a part of this sustainability company and hope that the successful completion of the Carbonstack project became a good start for our long-term and fruitful cooperation.

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Carbonstack website screen - Lemberg Solutions Case Study
 Carbonstack website screenshot - Lemberg Solutions Case Study
Carbonstack site screen - Lemberg Solutions Case Study
CarbonStack - Noah Winneberger
CarbonStack - Noah Winneberger

The LS team handled both the initial request as well as the changes that occurred during the project with professionalism and impressive speed. Both, the code basis as well as the time to delivery of each aspect of the website were exceptional and helped us create the perfect foundation for the company website. As a start-up, we very much appreciated the speed of iteration cycles and the very flexible integration of the components into our already existing frameworks. This also included the git management and development infrastructure. If there is ever a technical challenge we would need to handle externally, LS would be our first choice.

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