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STM32 firmware porting for Caltech medical device prototype

Firmware porting from Cypress to STM32 MCU for Caltech medical device prototype

About the client

A research group at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a highly interdisciplinary research team that develops versatile bioelectronic devices for basic and applied biomedical research. They focus on the design and application of innovative devices to better understand complex biological systems.

The challenge

A research group at Caltech requested our embedded expertise to port their device`s firmware from Cypress MCU to STM32 MCU to improve medical device prototype performance. As the device used a low-power battery, keeping the same device logic and energy consumption limits became one of the challenges during our collaboration. We also had to work out the stable and secure BLE Dongle communication with the STM32 microcontroller. 

Delivered value

We ported the firmware from Cypress MCU to the new STM32 MCU, keeping the original project timeline. Our engineers also provided schematic improvement suggestions for the client's team and resoldered some components of the PCB Rev. A to make it work while waiting for PCB Rev. B. We also analyzed and investigated a low-power mode on STM32 and available options for STM32 software low-power consumption that would let us reach the expected energy consumption.

The process

From the start of our cooperation, the client`s team provided the original device PCB and Cypress BLE Dongle. The client asked our team, which included firmware engineers, a QA specialist, and a project manager, to transfer the medical device prototype code from Cypress to STM32, keeping all initial functionality properly working and stable.

The primary purpose of this medical device was to detect and analyze patients' saliva composition using an electrochemical sensor that stores and transfers data via BLE to a PC-connected Cypress BLE dongle. 

Our firmware engineers started porting the project from Cypress MCU to STM32 MCU on the evaluation board, while Caltech engineers manufactured PCB Rev. A for the new target platform. After implementing the changes on the dev kit, our developers did a board bring-up and provided comprehensive schematic refinement suggestions. We also resoldered some components on PCB Rev. A and connected them to the evaluation board to make the PCB work. 

The next step was functional and power consumption testing to ensure the final PCB version corresponded to the initial client's request. We also provided comprehensive support during the UAT (user acceptance testing) phase, including additional documentation, investigations, and testing to ease further development on the STM32 platform for the client.

As this process was completed, we provided the client with the deliverables and short technical documentation on a ported code. 

Cypress MCU
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
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How it works


Lemberg did a great job on porting our BLE application from a Cypress module to an STMicroelectronics module. Their team was consistently responsive, friendly, and responsible throughout the project. They handled all our questions with care and were upfront about what they could deliver, ensuring there were no surprises along the way. Their straightforward and reliable approach made working with them a positive experience.

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