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QA service for a software product company

QA process optimization, introduction of QA documentation, and ticket workflow improvement for Pronovix

About the client

Pronovix is an IT consultancy dedicated to improving developer success and experience to grow their clients’ businesses. They deliver (API) developer portals as a tailor-made SAAS-like solution and provide a full range of services, including information architecture strategy, UX services, consultancy, technical writing, design, development, maintenance, hosting, and support. Pronovix’s team has been dedicated to the research & development of developer portals since 2015, operating internationally with partners and clients in Europe and North America.


The challenge

Pronovix was looking for a reliable tech partner to help them organize QA processes. They aimed to improve their QA flow, create a unified way to manage quality assurance operations, and maintain these procedures properly. Eventually, our client was expecting to improve the quality of their product and reduce the load on PMs. 

Delivered value

Lemberg Solutions enabled the client to relieve PMs from QA responsibilities by optimizing and structuring their QA processes. Based on the audit of the client’s QA procedures, we offered and implemented improvements to their ticket flow. Our QA team also introduced demo and test scripts, enabling advanced documentation and autotests setup. 

The process

While working on this project, our QA engineers used functional and cross-browser testing, design analysis, and GUI testing. 
The whole process can be divided into 4 phases: 

  1. Audit of the existing QA processes
  2. Offering the best QA practices 
  3. Approving ideas with the client; adjusting LS’ recommendations and choosing the course that meets the client’s needs
  4. Implementation of the QA roadmap 

After the first 2-3 weeks, our senior QA engineer presented his proposal for optimization, relying on the best QA practices and the existing issues in the client’s QA procedures. Among key suggestions, was to maintain testing documentation and utilize ready-to-use templates. 

Before cooperating with Lemberg Solutions, Pronovix used to engage PMs in the fulfillment of testing tasks because they didn’t have designated QA engineers on their team. They also didn’t keep testing documentation — meaning quality assurance objectives had been described in tickets with all the details in the comments. 

Apart from QA processes, we also analyzed the distribution of roles and the overall performance of the development procedures. 

After we conducted an audit, we arranged a call with the client to discuss the improvement roadmap our team had developed. We structured the proposal into a comprehensive presentation with relevant examples, test documentation, and all necessary descriptions and details. 

Within several calls, the client showcased their documentation options. They also emphasized several critical points and voiced their concerns. Based on this discussion, we introduced an initial setup of the testing process. One of the improvements was adding the description of acceptance criteria to the tickets. 

For example, there’s a task with a general description of the user story composed of a few sentences and a design. Based on it, the team of QA engineers analyzes the task and writes acceptance criteria for the ticket. As a result, a developer working on the task will be able to read through the detailed requirements and double-check their actions. 

Optimizing QA processes enabled Pronovix to reach higher feature quality. We discussed all potential changes before the development process, which in turn helped us save significant time. 

Another request from the client was to create demo and test scripts. Learn all about this part of our cooperation in the PDF version of the case study, which you can download below.

To share experiences and ideas concerning further development of the quality assurance team in Pronovix, we introduced internal QA stand-ups. During those meetings, we discuss potential certifications, professional development courses, research tools, etc. For example, we recently addressed a question from the client’s support team concerning regression testing during one of our stand-ups. 

Though we started our cooperation with Pronovix from QA services, we have already extended our cooperation by adding Drupal engineers to the Pronovix team and are looking forward to building a long-lasting partnership together.

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How it works

Peter Kohan — Co-Founder, CEO at Pronovix Hungary — Lemberg Solutions.png
Peter Kohan — Co-Founder, CEO at Pronovix Hungary — Lemberg Solutions.png

We wanted to increase the quality of our services further by building a strong tester team. Though, we couldn't find a senior tester to lead the team. After we reached out to Lemberg Solutions with our needs, soon they came back with a very experienced tester who was willing to think together with us. Thanks to the new processes, we are able to use our developers' time more efficiently and deliver features more smoother.

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