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Front-end development for an HR tech company

The HR tech company Wade & Wendy asked Lemberg Solutions to manage Talent Space Analytics, a custom real-time dashboard where recruiters can access information about vacancies and candidates.

About the client

Wade & Wendy, acquired by Veritone, is an HR Tech company that provides recruitment automation services using a conversational AI solution that engages with prospective hires. They use this technology to provide clients with automated, top-of-the-funnel hiring services to message and engage candidates in a way that mimics an introductory phone call or first-round interview.


The challenge 

Conducting manual search to find talent is a time-consuming process for employers. Wade & Wendy provides their clients with a more effective recruitment system. They assist recruiters in finding the right candidates by creating dedicated marketing campaigns around each role they cover. They then use a chatbot to engage the candidates and gain additional information about them. These enriched profiles are later scored, the most qualified candidates pass through the necessary filters and are submitted to the recruiter. To show the value and volume of work completed, Wade & Wendy came up with the idea of creating Analytics and Candidate profile pages.

Delivered value

Lemberg Solutions helped develop Wade & Wendy’s Analytics and Candidate profile pages so that recruiters could quickly obtain necessary data about marketing funnels and make decisions on submitted candidates.

The process

For efficient communication, the team held daily stand-up meetings to discuss blockers, development progress, and which tasks were to be done. Lemberg Solutions also ensured regular communication via Slack and email so that the customer could ask any questions whenever necessary. The work process was arranged via Jira.

While developing the job analytics, Lemberg Solutions’ web development team focused on displaying data about vacancies and candidates within the client’s “Recruiting Space,” an Applicant Tracking System. We needed to develop a page with statistics that indicated unfilled vacancies, the list of applicants, and the status of each candidate. Recruiters could also review information about past vacancies by specifying a date in a special drop-down list.

Considering that the client’s technology supports a chatbot which handles the first stage of communication with candidates, our engineers were required to automate the transfer of these first interactions to the analytics page. The Candidate profile page included the entire recruiting history of each candidate and ensured that recruiters could gain maximum information about an applicant in the shortest possible time. 

Each registered platform user with a recruitment manager role received access to the recruiters' analytics, meaning that they could review how each recruiter conducted candidate research. They could also see which candidates a recruiter processed. Recruiting Managers were also given special permissions, allowing them to see performance and activity across different recruiters under their management. Individual Recruiters could not see each other’s activity or performance. 

The LS team was in charge of front-end development, while our client’s team supported the back-end side. Our engineers were engaged in implementing data visualization. This part of the project was a challenge since, in most cases, the charts didn’t correspond to the client’s needs. The Ant library didn’t include the parts of graphs that we were required to incorporate. That is why we decided to use the Nivo Rocks library that allowed us to pick from a variety of graphs. Our engineers expanded it further to draw more features manually.

Apache Ant
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Laptop with Analytics opened - Lemberg Case Study - Front-end Development for HR Tech Company
Tablet with Analytics opened - Lemberg Case Study - Front-end Development for HR Tech Company
Laptop with Analytics opened - Lemberg Case Study - Front-end Development for HR Tech Company
Laptop and desktop with Analytics opened - Lemberg Case Study - Front-end Development for HR Tech Company

How it works

Wade & Wendy - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions
Wade & Wendy - Testimonial - Lemberg Solutions

We were really happy working with the team at Lemberg Solutions. The coordination was excellent and the product was developed efficiently. In a short amount of time we were able to develop a pretty complicated product and get it into our clients’ hands. The team delivered quality work and the users were happy with the end results.

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