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Lemberg Solutions Joined Hamburg Digital Cluster

We’re happy to share some news about our presence in the German region and a new thrilling cooperation.

Lemberg Solutions becomes a member of Hamburg@work, a digital cluster in North Germany! 

Hamburg@work is a platform established with the goal to push digital transformation development forward across all industries and economic clusters. The cluster brings together expertise for digital transformation in every industry, from manufacturing to retail, and has been doing so for 20 years. 

Digital transformation involves digitalization and automation of core processes, including changing the framework conditions for the economy, state, and society. The foundation of successful digital transformation lies in the readiness to accept essential changes.

Olga Lysak, Lemberg Solutions' Business Representative in Germany, says: 

"I am glad that Lemberg Solutions is now a member of the biggest digital cluster in Northern Germany. I’m sure that this partnership will foster new cross-cutting and innovative ideas and collaborations on digital transformation. Here at Lemberg Solutions, we’re very excited about our cooperation with Hamburg@work and are looking forward to diving into networking opportunities, events, and ideas exchange!"

Lemberg Solutions has a strong expertise and more than 13 years of experience in helping startups and businesses with digitalization and development of their digital strategy from scratch. We’re sure that an open culture of innovation at Hamburg@work and their receptiveness to new things will make a perfect match with our strategic vision, values, and expertise.

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