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You want to validate your product idea's feasibility

Your in-house development team lacks IoT expertise to meet your project needs

You want to perform digital retrofit and improve the existing solution

Our IoT consulting services

R&D service

Validate your product idea feasibility, relying on our team’s comprehensive IoT expertise. We can analyze your ongoing requirements to ensure the concept's viability and help you turn the product into life or find efficient solutions to improve the existing systems. 

Tech audit

Get a detailed analysis of an existing IoT solution and receive recommendations on what improvements to implement, cloud services to optimize, and OS platforms to use to boost its performance and efficiency for your business operations. 

Cloud integration

Schedule a consultation with our IoT experts to discuss your IoT solution and its effectiveness for your internal processes. We will find practical solutions for fostering business performance by integrating cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. 

Product testing

Ensure a stable IoT solution operation within your business processes, utilizing our IoT product testing services. Our QA engineers comprehensively test your IoT product in lab and field environments to detect flaws and provide recommendations on fixing them.

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What our clients say

Jakob Umbrage, Senior Director of R&D at NoiseAware - Lemberg Solutions
Jakob Umbrage, Senior Director of R&D at NoiseAware - Lemberg Solutions

We found Lemberg Solutions at the perfect time in our product development: we had a big goal, lots of issues, and not enough resources. We contracted Lemberg Solutions to first audit our firmware and identify bugs and architectural inefficiencies. They delivered quickly and diligently, and we were so impressed with the deliverable that we moved to the implementation phase immediately. They were a pleasure to work with, everyone on their team was smart and effective, and our firmware is in a great place. We will definitely utilize them for all embedded needs in the future.

Why choose our IoT consulting company

We have a vast network of contractors ready to fulfill the lacking internal expertise in IoT consulting and engineering needs

We are an ST partner with access to the newest frameworks and chips, which have yet to be launched in the market but can already be used in your product

We provide cross-functional expertise, ensuring consulting based on your individual needs, fast-to-market development, and delivery, following the original project roadmap and utilizing the best rapid prototyping techniques

We have our own hardware IoT lab where our engineers access all available resources to create product prototypes and test them in different environments

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