Why you need AI discovery workshop?

What you will gain with our AI discovery services

Find out the value AI can bring to your solution and check your idea’s feasibility before fully investing in project development.

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Idea validation

Check if your AI integration idea is feasible within your business conditions, available data, and improvement goals. Our data science team will research the market and use cases, along with analyzing your data, to confirm whether your idea is worth pursuing.
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Implementation roadmap

Make confident first steps in integrating AI into your business with our detailed approach proposal. Following the roadmap created by our data science engineers, you will successfully implement your idea and work around the pitfalls.
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Discovery report

Use our detailed report, where we provide insights on your data, the areas where you can apply it, potential improvements, and our result interpretation. Make use of data patterns and our recommendations to optimize your solution.
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Project cost estimation

Get a ballpark estimate of AI implementation cost and timeline for your idea. We will provide all the necessary details, development stages and approximate investments so you could easily decide whether to keep working on the project.
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How we do AI discovery workshop

The roadmap of the workshop process


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Why us

Why discover your idea with us

Senior-level data science team

Our seasoned data science engineers employ advanced analytics methodologies to retrieve valuable insights from datasets of different scales. We have experts who hold Ph.D.s in data science and engineers with vast backgrounds in ML and industry-specific projects, including healthcare, agriculture, finance, and ecommerce.

15 years on the market

With 15 years of experience in project development in various domains, we provide a deep and professional analysis of your data. We always provide transparent estimates and straightforward recommendations based on our practical knowledge. Our clients trust us with their ideas, which is proved by 94% customer satisfaction rate.

Following global data security standards

Lemberg Solutions cares about clients’ data privacy, and our professionals work by following rigid international regulations. We received ISO 27001:2013 certification, showing that our information security management system complies with global security policies. This means that we keep the data we receive strictly confidential, and our clients decide on access permissions.

Quality management

Our team delivers high-quality products and services, which is confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 certification. We meet the global requirements for top-notch product development and know how to make your solution increase customer satisfaction levels. Our engineers ensure product efficiency and high performance at every stage of product development.


Talk to our AI discovery experts!

Get in touch with Volodymyr to discuss your business needs and learn more about our data science expertise.


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  • How to collect my data for the AI project?

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