Lemberg HUB

Resource planning and analytics for small and mid-sized IT companies

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The challenge

With company growth, the number of record-keeping spreadsheets was increasing, and, once we reached the 100-employees mark, it became a real problem and caused a bottleneck for further growth.

Our goal was to have real-time analytics for better decision-making and automation of key business processes.

Delivered value

Integrations with third-party project management and time tracking tools allowed us to keep all important data reports in a single repository. Automation of key business processes is saving around 20% of total time spent on management. With HUB, we can scale our company further, make appropriate decisions earlier and saving resources spent on business operations.

The process

The project started with a business analysis phase. All stakeholders provided input on key areas of business operations, including finance, project management, resource management, and HR. A couple of sessions resulted in an HUB roadmap and detailed the requirements for v.1.

As the company and market evolve, we should be ready for changes. Therefore, we've opted for API-first architecture for our core system to be able to adopt changes quickly.

At Lemberg, we use Google G-Suite and many other Google products for businesses. To maintain consistency across all systems, we've decided to go with the Progressive Web App approach for the front end, following Google's UI/UX guidelines. 

Since the v.1 launch, HUB is in continuous development with a monthly release cycle.

Business analysis
Back-end and API development
Front-end development
Third-party API integrations
Google API
Jira API
Codebase API
Xero API
Digital media

How it works

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