Front-end development

Your product should stand out from the competition. This can be achieved by implementing sleek and smooth user interfaces. As you may know, the user experience is dependent on fundamental principles of front-end development — accessibility, performance and consistency. Engage with Lemberg — a professional team that follows these key goals in their work so that your product can rise and shine.

Progressive Web Apps

Our expertise

Lemberg's Front-end Team was established back in 2008, and, since then we have accumulated expert knowledge within the following areas:

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Project types

Web apps and websites

Back-office dashboards

Content management systems


Social media content sharing


Technical expertise

Integration with API

Responsive design implementation

Atomic design methodology

UI prototyping

Automated front-end testing

UI/UX audit

Front-end team

Lemberg's front-end team

Front-end team

20+ full-time engineers

Perfectionists in life and work

Mates with the design team


Technologies we use

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Yuriy Myrosh
JavaScript Team Lead
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