Senior Node.js Engineer

Project description

The product you will work with is to help renters, agents and landlords to cooperate more effectively by providing a secure and streamlined way of exchanging details and simplifying the application process and the management of ongoing tenancies.


Tech stack:Front-end (Web) - ES6+, React, Redux, Thunk; Front-end (Mobile) - React Native; Back-end - TypeScript, Node.js, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Redis.


Project stage: Active phase of  development.


Team:  PM, QA engineer, 3 Back-end developers , 6 Front-end developers.

Necessary skills and qualifications
2+ years of programming experience with Node.js
Strong JavaScript knowledge. Experience with ECMAScript 6 and later would be a plus. Expertise in TypeScript would be a big plus
Knowledge of server-side development languages and methodologies
Practical experience with implementing backends for modern web applications
Understanding of design considerations for eventually consistent distributed systems
SQL knowledge. Experience with PostgreSQL is preferred
Practical experience with microservices, Docker and Docker Swarm is very welcome
Ability to write clean code with following coding standards and best practices
At least Intermediate English level
Will be a plus
Knowledge of Python 3 and asyncio would help
Understanding and practical experience with Domain Driven Design, CQRS, and Event Sourcing would be a big advantage
RabbitMQ/AMQP, Redis and etcd
Experience with Amazon AWS
Experience with front-end JavaScript (React, Redux)
Use of Continuous Integration, Github, Code Review
Understanding of network stack, HTTP, WebSockets etc.
Being comfortable with Linux console
What we offer

At Lemberg, you will find exciting and challenging projects, friendly and engaging professional team. You will work with customers located around the globe, meet them in our office and travel to visit their locations.


Also, you will have a chance to work on internal R&D projects, your own ideas, become a part of local and global communities, contribute to Open Source, visit conferences and industry events.

Kateryna Rybachok
Recruitment Manager

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