Senior Angular Engineer

Necessary skills and qualifications
Strong understanding of modern JavaScript / TypeScript, ES2015, ES2016
Strong understanding of Angular 2+
Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming (Observables, Promises, async & await)
Basic understanding of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3 and server-side CSS preprocessors (SASS, SCSS)
Basic knowledge of SQL and NoSQL database engines
Familiarity with front-end build tools and continuous integration
Understanding fundamental design principles behind a scalable application
Strong understanding of automated testing (unit tests, integration tests, performance tests)
Proficient understanding of Git
Analytical thinking and eager to learn and improve on a daily basis
Experience with complex work estimations and ability to deliver on time
Efficient coding, aware of patterns and anti-patterns, properly structured, easily comprehensible and well documented
Able to work alone as well as in a team and communicate with other teams and stakeholders
Upper-intermediate English or higher
Will be a plus
Experience with: Node.js, GraphQL, REST, NestJS, ExpressJS, OAuth, JWT, Server Side Rendering
Familiarity with Scrum development
What we offer

At Lemberg, you will find exciting and challenging projects, friendly and engaging professional team. You will work with customers located around the globe, meet them in our office and travel to visit their locations.


Also, you will have a chance to work on internal R&D projects, your own ideas, become a part of local and global communities, contribute to Open Source, visit conferences and industry events.

Kateryna Rybachok
Recruitment Manager

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