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Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a growing trend, and we’ll undoubtedly be seeing it used in a great many future mobile apps. So far, its hard to achieve its full potential due to limitations in the hardware and software available today, but  in theory all you need to produce a simple AR app is a decent CPU, a camera, a GPS device and some clever programming. We decided to put this theory to the test and build a simple AR app.

The task was simple – to detect rims on a car from a live picture and superimpose them with pictures of rims from a library. Our solution to the task was to use an OpenCV code library that allows us to detect shapes from live pictures coming from a camera. The rest was rather straightforward. We’ve only spent a few hours on this test, and it’s by no means the complete article, but it was important for us to see for ourselves what it takes to create simple AR apps.

This kind of approach could be used for a variety of apps in retail, marketing, education and other sectors. Our small test was Lemberg’s first step towards realising the enormous potential of this exciting technology, which will undoubtedly become the basis for many of our apps in the future!

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