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Is a Dedicated Team Model Right for You?

Don’t work on tasks backlog. The team may often be unloaded and, after certain time, become bored. Then, team members might ask to leave the project. Always rush deliveries. Teams will burn out quicker, especially if everybody understands that the rush has no purpose and always happens with no reason. Frequently introduce changes that completely cancel previous work. The team might treat new tasks as something that there is no reason to perform properly as they will be changed or removed anyway. Сommunic

There are two major ways to cooperate with a software or hardware development company: a dedicated team or a fixed-cost project. In this article we will explain when it’s more reasonable to go with a dedicated team model, how it might look, pros and cons, and how you can make this model more (and less) effective.

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Business Points for Choosing Native or Hybrid App Development

Native vs Hybrid Development

A hybrid or native mobile development approach — which to choose? We face this question very frequently when a customer asks us to make a suggestion in app development or when we plan to develop our own product. On the one hand, hybrid mobile development helps to save time because there is only one code compiled for multiple platforms (Android, iOS, etc.). On the other hand, native applications provide a more stable implementation. Here are some “classic” pros of the two approaches.

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Data Collection Process for a Machine Learning Algorithm

Data Collection for Machine Learning Algorithm, Activity Traacking App, Lemberg Solution

If you want to create an activity tracking application like iPhone Health or Google Fit, you probably know that they use data science to detect people’s motions throughout the day. Creating a brand-new app equals developing algorithms from scratch, and this is a stage where many businesses struggle. Therefore, we’ve decided to share our experience of launching HorseAnalytics, an application that uses data science algorithms to recognize and evaluate the activity of horses.

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