On The Look Out For Good Ideas

Lemberg is always interested in new ideas, and our doors are open for entrepreneurs and businesses in need of technology partners. We’ve worked with startups at various stages in their development process, and can bring our technical expertise in mobile and web development to your emerging business.

Over the years we've delivered many highly successful web and mobile development projects in a wide range of market sectors. These include:

  • Mobile messaging
  • Healthcare monitoring and planning
  • Hospitality and resort intranets
  • Audio and video streaming solutions
  • Sport-related social networks
  • Mobile retail solutions
  • Customized content readers
  • Property management solutions

If you think your project or business could benefit from our experience, we are open to a range of different kinds of relationship. We’ve written about our background with startups here, and through some easier and more complicated experiences we’ve come to have a good understanding of the needs and limitations that entrepreneurs and start-ups face. Our experience in this area means we can help you understand how best to engage with us, as outsourced IT providers, consultants or potentially as partners.

If acting as a consultant or supplier we can help ensure that we understand one another in order to minimize friction and maximize our productivity, but we also encourage entrepreneurs to consider forming technology partnerships with Lemberg.

We can develop scalable, robust mobile and web solutions on a profit sharing basis, either at a reduced cost or in some cases completely at our expense. We are interested in unique, commercially sound ideas with clear revenue potential. These should be backed by a solid business plan and run by individuals with relevant experience and possibly a unique content or a ready network of customers (for an existing product). If you believe your idea fits these criteria, please get in contact (either by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling +44(0)207193 4928) so we can discuss how we can work together to make your business idea a profitable reality.

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Lemberg is a technology consulting, software & hardware engineering company.

Startups and established businesses rely on our industry expertise to build new products and deliver digital transformation.

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