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Lemberg Solutions Acknowledged as a “Leading App Developer in Ukraine”

We are proud to announce that a leading technology research firm in Washington, D.C., has recently named Lemberg Solutions as one of the top app developers in Ukraine. Ukraine has increasingly become a leading market for outsourced mobile apps. Because of this, researchers at the well-respected research firm, Clutch, spent a great deal of time analyzing Ukrainian app development companies.

“These app developers vary in client and industry focus areas. However, these development teams have all demonstrated a commitment to meeting their clients’ development objectives,” explained Ryan Stevens, Lead App Development Analyst at Clutch. The small list of companies chosen for inclusion were not just skilled at their jobs but acutely committed to customer service.

Clutch’s research involved a thorough evaluation of each of the app development companies. The analysis was not just on their ability to build solid mobile apps but also on other, more qualitative, factors. The app developers, including Lemberg Solutions, were asked to provide data and documentation regarding service focus, notable clients, pertinent case studies, and portfolio pieces. No stone was left unturned in identifying “the best of the best.”

In addition to the research measures already mentioned, analysts interviewed several client references for each company. The in-depth answers from current and former clients were assembled and published on the Clutch website. Clients interviewing with Clutch can always be anonymous, if they wish, in order to ensure honest feedback. This part of the research was the most gratifying to us here at Lemberg Solutions. The interviews with our clientele were overwhelmingly positive.

Clutch conducts the most comprehensive and widely read research in our industry. Their analyses are both quantitative and qualitative to guarantee the most accurate results. Their researchers’ work to identify leading app developers is ongoing. Established agencies are encouraged to apply for inclusion in forthcoming research.

Guest post by Ryan Stevens, Analyst at Clutch.


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