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Kohana Debugger Module by Lemberg Solutions

Short overview of Kohana Debugger module, created by Lemberg Solutions’ back-end and API development team.


Kohana provides us with a lot of information, useful for debugging, but there is no appropriate viewer for it (except of not very useful View::factory(‘profile/stats’)).

Existing solutions

There are a couple of existing solutions including Kohana Debug Toolbar and Kohana DevTools.

Problems of existing solutions

In fact, Kohana DevTools doesn’t solve the problem at all. It has a few nice features, but it doesn’t show the debugging information itself. Only a few variables are shown. And there have been no updates for the last two years.

Kohana Debug Toolbar solves the problem. However,  it has its own ones. For example, it includes its html/js code into the page, and it can result in breaking the markup. Sure, you can disable this feature and use only FirePHP, but FirePHP doesn’t provide ability to show all the information that is needed.

Our solution

All provided by Kohana debugging information we send over a custom HTTP header. And we created an extension for Google Chrome with a nice UI for it. For now it shows information about benchmarks, routes, sql queries, modules, included files. Soon it will allow to view the information about configs, logs, variables etc.

Kohana Debuggins Module

How to use

Download or clone the Kohana-Debugger module. Include it to the modules list in your bootstrap.php. Install the Chrome extension. Enjoy!

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