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Anyone Can Become A Content Curator On Woisio

Our client's Woisio story highlighted on TechCrunch.

Woisio is a Turkish company being featured at Disrupt NY’s Startup Alley this year, and it’s a little like what watching television would be like if your friends took over the programming.

At first glance, Woisio most closely resembles an everyday television programming lineup. There are a number of predefined channels that are organized by category, each of which streams a series of 15 minute “shows” that air one after the other on a 24/7 basis.

And yet, you won’t find any programming from any of the four major TV networks on Woisio. Nor will you be able locate any shows from any of the major cable networks. Each 15 minute show is in actuality a running playlist of YouTube videos, photo galleries, songs, or blog posts that have been curated and packaged by Woisio’s users.

Woisio has a number of channels called “stages”, that are defined by specific arenas of interest and location. For example, you’ll find a “Music” stage for general music related content, and a “New York Music” stage for content specific to the New York music scene. You can also subscribe to the stages that most interest you, and thus create a specific channel that is tailored to the content you’d like to consume.

But what if you want to do more than just consume? If you’re looking to get your own curated content on Wiosio, it’s a fairly simple process.

When you first sign up with Woisio, you’re given 5,000 Woisio points that you can use to bid for auctioned spaces of airtime. Airtime on each stage is auctioned off in 15 minute chunks, and the auction runs until the very second that slot of content is scheduled to begin streaming on the stage.

The more people upvote your shows when they air, the more Woisio points you obtain, increasing your influence as a content curator in the Woisio network.

“You can say that the media manufactures its own stars, news, and facts,” says Mujdat Ayoguz, founder of Woisio, “and imposes them on people.” Ayoguz believes that Woisio is a platform that truly democratizes content curation and distribution.

Woisio launched in the United States in December, and released their iOS app last Friday in an effort to expand their user base here. According to Woisio, they’ve already established a presence in Turkey in the “tens of thousands” of users range, and are planning to launch in Latin America very shortly.

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