Lemberg's TOP-4 IoT Projects in 2020
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2020 in Review: Lemberg's TOP 4 IoT Projects

We’re starting a series of 2020 in review posts with a selection of exciting IoT challenges we’ve worked on this year. In case you missed any of them, here’s a list of hardware, firmware, and embedded software development projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on with our clients in 2020:

Carepath: Healthcare IoT platform

Lemberg developed an IoT gateway platform for a telemedicine platform which ambiently monitors patients’ health in their homes and delivers medical-useful data to caregivers, enabling them to spot deviations from normal patient conditions. The Carepath platform enables an accurate chronological overview of the symptom progression, features AI-based smart filtering of audio, and sufficiently protects patient-generated data.

Check out the full case study to learn more about entire process of Lemberg's cooperation with Carepath.

Embedded vision prototype for livestock weight monitoring

Barkom, a Ukrainian agricultural company, tasked us with automating the pig weighing process, which is time-consuming and labor-intense when done manually. Our team of data scientists and embedded engineers delivered a computer vision prototype that can visually estimate the weight of an animal using a complex of non-iterative neural networks and an innovative image recognition algorithm. To train the algorithm, we’ve also designed a custom hardware system for training data collection and preprocessing. 

Find out more about this project in the case study. 

Hand hygiene monitor

For one of Ukraine’s leading agricultural corporations, we designed and built a proof of concept device that uses computer vision to analyze how well employees have covered their hands with a UV-reactive hand sanitizer.

Learn more about the development process in the case study.

Cavamo: Horse stress level monitoring system PoC 

Cavamo, a UK tech startup aiming to improve the quality of interactions between horses and equestrians, asked us to come up with a solution that could help determine the stress level of horses based on how often they blink. We delivered two prototypes that monitor blinks in real time and can be attached to a horse.

The case study for this project is here.

This is just a small portion of what we’ve worked on in 2020. More project lists are coming!

We’re looking forward to an even more productive 2021!

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