Lemberg's TOP-4 Web and Mobile Projects in 2020
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2020 in Review: Lemberg Solutions' TOP 4 Web and Mobile Projects

Coming up next on our 2020 in review program is web and mobile development. Below is a selection of web projects and mobile applications we’ve worked on with our clients this year. Make sure you read the case studies to get all the details!

SparkBlue with Open Social

OpenSocial and Lemberg’s Drupal team have developed SparkBlue, a membership management platform created for the UN Development Program. The platform won two Splash Awards, including the Website of the Year award, at this year’s #DrupalJam.

Find out more about our collaboration with Open Social in the case study.

Women on Wings

In cooperation with Open Social, we developed the Women On Wings community platform that allowed our client, a Dutch social cause aiming to increase female employment in rural India, to facilitate collaboration and communication between the cause’s many participants.

Learn more about this project here.

Video ad creator for a fashion retailer

Our client, a German fashion retailer, was looking for a tool that would help their marketing team speed up the creation of marketing materials. With a video editing app we developed for them, they were able to cut the time necessary to create one campaign from two weeks to just a few days.

Check out the full case study.

Byga: iOS and Android App Development with Flutter

Byga is an American company looking to improve the management of youth sports clubs. We developed both iOS and Android apps that will allow coaches, children, and their parents to effectively engage with club communities and collaborate on activities. 

The case study for this project is coming very soon.

New web development projects are lining up for 2021, so stay tuned for updates!

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