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The 10 Very Best Lemberg Reads of 2014

We`ve collected the very best must read Lemberg stories throughout the year for you to enjoy your weekend reading. Check them out whenever you have time or simply save for later.

In this list, you`ll find 3 powerful startup stories, learn what every iOS app owner should do as soon as a new Apple iOS8 is released, learn about creating apps for the latest IoT devices like iBeacons, Chromecast, and OBDII with code samples & more. Enjoy!

3 powerful startup stories3 Powerful Stories From Tech Team Behind Rockstar Startups

For Lemberg Solutions, working with startups has been a valuable learning experience. We are happy to apply that knowledge to help striving businesses, and also learn new hings going forward. It's so inspiring to be the tech team behind brilliant startups making NEW things happen. Discover the stories…

Developing indoor location tracking app with iBeacons How To Determine Location If You have A Roof Over Your Head

Having successfully built a range of GPS tracking solutions, Lemberg’s mobile team has embarked to explore further the cutting-edge technologies for indoor positioning. Continue reading…

The 10 Very Best Lemberg Reads of 2014 - Lemberg Solutions Blog Apple Event 2014 Brings New Devices & Porting to iOS8

I know, I know, we are all enormously excited by the release of new iOS devices at this year’s Apple September Event. This also means potentially more work for developers: those existing iOS apps aren’t very likely to port themselves to OS 8 :) What it takes to bring apps to pastures new? Find out!

Data catching in tracvelling apps Drupal Integration With Native Mobile Apps

Huge improvements have been made to the RESTful web services and now it’s included in Drupal 8 core. Having RESTful web services within the core is a great opportunity to build better digital experiences. However, there is still a missing piece. Drupal 8 provides an API on its side, but what about the other side?

QA test of apps with location tracking Offline mode. Data Caching Approach For Travelling Apps

The problem of data caching is especially challenging when it comes to travelling apps. Most of them contain area descriptions, artistic maps of local area, google maps, top interesting places of this area, top area’s activities, services on this area, contact information, media galleries, similar places, serving times, goods/exhibitions catalogues etc.

OBD app development Location Tracking Pains: Thou Shalt Test

For some time now, we have been working on improving a location tracking feature for one of the agencies we collaborate with. The QA process for location tracking is expectedly different from that of other features, simply because location tracking must be tested in a real environment and there is no way around it. It is best practice to assess the app in different conditions, to make sure that it works as expected and under all circumstances.

Chromecast app development How-to Guide for OBDII Reader App Development

Have you ever thought about different vehicle parameters being displayed in your own Android application? If so, then you've come to the right place. We will discuss what it takes to develop an OBDII reader application. First, let's take a quick look at the protocols used in vehicles for diagnostics.

Android app development. Android login fragment Developing Chromecast Ready Application for Android Platform

This article covers the topic of developing an Android Chromecast-ready application: below you’ll find some notes, comments and advice for the developers, as well as code samples and source code of the app built by Lemberg’s team.

Android app development. android surfaceview video example Android Login Screen Checklist

A brief review of issues you can face when building Android Login Screen.

Android app development. volley imageloader Surface View: Playing video

Part 2 of Android SurfaceView story.

This tutorial describes how to use TextureView to load and play video from assets folder.


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